Posters revealed for Vic & Bob's The Glove

Friday 16th October 2020, 8:53am by Jay Richardson

  • Vic & Bob's film The Glove is getting closer to filming, with the first posters revealed
  • The movie focuses on two childhood friends who go in search of Michael Jackson's mythical training glove
  • The film is due to go into production next year. Producer Kevin Proctor said: "The Glove is happening"
The Glove.

The first posters have emerged for The Glove, the film written by and starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.

The "madcap road movie", which follows two childhood friends as they search for Michael Jackson's mythical training glove, begins shooting next year. And the new artwork by comic book artist Lee Garbett (Batman, Judge Dredd), suggests, with an element of tongue-in-cheek perhaps, that it features explosive action scenes.

The latest incarnation of the film's poster depicts Reeves and Mortimer in high-visibility work overalls, with Bob clutching an "I ❤ NY" mug.

The Glove.

Earlier versions feature a character resembling Kentucky Fried Chicken icon Colonel Sanders. And intriguingly, another character on crutches is seemingly based on Reeves & Mortimer's regular collaborator Matt Lucas.

Tim Kirkby (Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, Fleabag) will direct and Shaheen Baig (Black Mirror, Man Like Mobeen) is casting.

Kevin Proctor and Leopold Hughes are producing the film for Studio POW, whose credits include the seventies stand-up movie Funny Cow and forthcoming comedy-art documentary A Brush With Comedy, both featuring Jim Moir, aka Reeves. Perry Trevers is executive producing.

The Glove.

Reeves & Mortimer have been developing The Glove's script for more than a decade. The film's official synopsis states:

"The Glove is a comedy road movie about two best friends in search of a mythical training glove.

"Vic and Bob are childhood friends who own a junk shop together where they both work and live. Profits are down and with their futures in jeopardy, they approach their obnoxious landlord to explain their 'rent' problems. Rather than helping them, the unsavoury character gives them a choice: eviction, or locate for him a rare and unusual item....

"What follows is a madcap road movie across Britain as they enter the world of strange collectables and celebrity memorabilia in search of the elusive glove."

Speaking to British Comedy Guide in August, Proctor confirmed: "The Glove is happening.

"With this virus, everybody's projects have been pushed and everybody who is going to be in it, scheduling this movie around our director, our cast, it's one of those things where you've got to get it right. And to get it right, it means that we're going to shoot it next year."

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