Lesbian Vampire Killers. Image shows from L to R: Fletch (James Corden), Jimmy (Mathew Horne). Copyright: Velvet Bite.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

2009 British comedy film about a vampire curse. Stars James Corden, Mathew Horne, MyAnna Buring, Vera Filatova, Tiffany Mulheron and others.


Jimmy: What was that?

Lotte: Vampires.

Jimmy: Vampires?

Fletch: Vampires?

[A vampire appears behind Fletch's shoulder]

Vampire: Lesbian vampires.

Fletch: Nice one.

Next time he'll have me bummed by a big gay werewolf, I swear.

Fletch (James Corden)

Jimmy: Country air. Nothing like it.

Fletch: Smells like normal air with cow shit in it.