Eat The Rich

1987 British comedy film.

The Comic Strip Presents - Eat The Rich

The Comic Strip Presents - Eat The Rich

Eat The Rich is a 1987 British black comedy film directed by Peter Richardson.

A co-production between Channel Four Films, Iron Fist Motion Pictures and Michael White Productions, it features cast members from the popular television series The Comic Strip Presents....

The film stars Lanah Pellay, and Nosher Powell as the Home Secretary, and includes cameos from a number of well-known figures, including: Miranda Richardson and Nigel Planer as vile DHSS clerks, Robbie Coltrane, Rik Mayall as a union boss, Paul McCartney, Shane MacGowan, Jennifer Saunders, Jimmy Fagg, Kathy Burke, Koo Stark, Dawn French, Bill Wyman, Jools Holland, Hugh Cornwell, Adrian Edmondson, Angela Bowie and Lemmy.

First released: Friday 25th October 2019


  • Unreleased bonus material

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