Double Date. Kitty (Kelly Wenham)
Double Date

Double Date

  • 2017 film

Comedy-horror about a double date with potentially deadly consequences. Stars Danny Morgan, Georgia Groome, Kelly Wenham, Michael Socha, Liz Kingsman and more.

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How Double Date got made

Producer Matt Wilkinson explains how comic-horror feature Double Date - now available to buy - developed from an idea in actor-writer Danny Morgan's head to the silver screen.

British Comedy Guide, 9th September 2019

Double Date review

Even by ladling on the gore a mansion-set horror comedy struggles to cover up its failings.

Wendy Idle, The Guardian, 15th October 2017

Film Review: Double Date

Ultimately, the film rests on the chalk and cheese appeal of both Morgan and Socha and their chemistry together is very strong, as is their pairing off with the two femme fatales.

Adam Lowes, Cine-Vue, 13th October 2017

Review: Double Date

The murky depths of the low-budget end of the British horror industry are crawling with generic slashers that only a fanboy could love. But just occasionally, a gem emerges. Double Date is not that movie.

Robin Askew, Bristol 24/7, 13th October 2017

Double Date movie review

For its sheer craziness and ingeniously morbid parody this movie is worth a watch. A wild, energetic, uproarious and entertaining romp into the realm of the ghoulish and gruesome, Double Date could become a cautionary joke about picking up strangers in London bars.

Catherine Sedgwick, The Upcoming, 9th October 2017

Double Date review

Fun, battle-of-the-sexes comedy horror from debut director Benjamin Barfoot.

Katherine McLaughlin, The List, 9th October 2017

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