Derek And Clive Get The Horn

1979 British comedy film. Stars Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Judy Huxtable, Nicola Austin and Richard Branson.

Great Scenes

Durex Handicap

The Durex Handicap/Horse Racing sketch features Cook giving a commentary on a horse race, where all of the horses are given rude names.

World Records

Clive tells the story of how he tried to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest trail of snot, and how his failure lead him to get into the record books by kicking his wife's c***.

The Rubber Doll

Clive gives Derek a nude blow-up doll to play with. Their joy with the sex toy is so great that her vagina turns inside out and becomes a cock, giving Cook the chance to give a quick sex education lesson.

The Raid

During the recording the police come in to make an inspection of the place. It turns out to be a trick invented by Richard Branson.

The lady who came in and took her clothes off

Near the end of the recording a striper comes into the recording studio and gets her tits out for Cook and Moore.