Derek And Clive Get The Horn

1979 British comedy film. Stars Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Judy Huxtable, Nicola Austin and Richard Branson.

Press Clippings

Are Derek and Clive too much for the 21st century?

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's relentlessly filthy 70s albums anticipated punk, and influenced both alternative comedy and a generation of smutty teenagers. But is this re-release just too offensive for modern ears?

Andrew Harrison, The Guardian, 2nd August 2015

Derek and Clive are as shocking today as they ever were

Derek and Clive, the characters created in a moment of boredom by Dudley Moore and Peter Cook in 1973, ruined a lot of things for me - lobsters (I can't look at them without thinking of Jayne Mansfield's bum), horse-racing (in my head all the runners have lewd names) and anyone called Colin (you'd best look it up). But for this I am eternally grateful.

Fiona Sturges, The Independent, 18th July 2015

The Complete F***ing Derek & Clive is out this month

The complete works of Derek & Clive will be available later this month in a comprehensive five-CD box-set.

Mayer Nissim, Digital Spy, 17th July 2015

35 years of Derek and Clive

2011 is a stale time for comedy. The ideas are tired and nothing seems to be pushing the limits. Seems like a good time to pay our respects to Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's wonderful collection of comedic filth...

Laurence Ettridge, Sabotage Times, 17th November 2011