Carry On Nurse. Image shows from L to R: Matron (Hattie Jacques), Sister (Joan Hickson). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions
Carry On Nurse

Carry On Nurse

  • 1959 film

Much to the nurses' frustration, the patients at Haven Hospital have no intention of lying quietly whilst awaiting surgery or recovery. Stars Kenneth Connor, Shirley Eaton, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques, Terence Longdon and more.

  • Repeated Wednesday 25th May at 5pm on Film4

Carry On Nurse trivia

Carry On Nurse is the most financially successful Carry On film, and achieved huge popularity in the USA.

Carry On Nurse ran for almost three whole years in Los Angeles.

This film marks Joan Sims's first appearance in the Carry On series.

Carry On Nurse was the most successful film in Britain in 1959, with estimated ticket sales of 10 million.

Written by Norman Hudis, Carry On Nurse is based on the stage play Ring For Catty, by Patrick Cargill and Jack Beale.

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