Anna And The Apocalypse. Anna (Ella Hunt).

Anna And The Apocalypse

2018 British comedy film about a zombie apocalypse. Stars Ella Hunt, Mark Benton, Paul Kaye, Malcolm Cumming, Sarah Swire and others.

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Anna and the Apocalypse review

John McPhail's Christmas zombie musical comedy was warmly received on its festival debut and has picked up a solid following through its theatrical and DVD releases over the last couple of years.

Colin Polonowski, The Digital Fix, 10th December 2019

Anna and the Apocalypse soundtrack review

As music is key to the film, it's no surprise that the soundtrack has been released so that fans of the film can relive all of the music over and over.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes, Entertainment Focus, 19th December 2018

Review: Anna and the Apocalypse

Anna and the Apocalypse is a fun film and, those fancying a giggle could do a lot worse than this.

Philip Caveney, Bouquets & Brickbats, 8th December 2018

Anna and the Apocalypse review

Fun addition to the zombie mashup canon, with secondary-school pupil Anna battling the undead with showtunes.

Cath Clarke, The Guardian, 4th December 2018

Anna And The Apocalypse review

Open up this delightful early Christmas present which blends wide-eyed romance, knowing comedy, zombie horror action, festive spirit and catchy tunes. It's a mixed bag in the best of ways.

Ross Miller, The National (Scotland), 1st December 2018

Taking a formalistically rigorous approach to its genre-mashing premise, Scottish zombie-themed Christmas high school musical Anna and the Apocalypse operates rather like an end-of-term festive show made by spirited amateurs blissfully unaware of its general naffness. Director John McPhail has admitted in interviews he didn't really like musicals before signing on to make it, and that shows in the lifeless choreography, which is more filler than Thriller, something not helped by the disappointingly banal X Factor-style songs (by Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly) and a weak script that lets the cast's haircuts do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to characterisation. As for the horror elements, the use of zombies as a coming-of-age metaphor is promising but ineffectively exploited and the gore is about as effective at disguising the film's overall dullness as a tacky bit of tinsel on a fake Christmas tree.

Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 30th November 2018

Mark Benton on Anna and the Apocalypse

British musical zom-com that's also a Christmas movie - what's not to be excited about?

Eddie Harrison, The List, 19th November 2018

Scot Squad wins at Scottish BAFTAs

Scot Squad and Armando Iannucci were amongst the winners at this year's Scottish BAFTAs, announced last night.

British Comedy Guide, 5th November 2018

Armando Iannucci amongst BAFTA Scotland nominees

Jonathan Watson, Elaine C Smith, Scot Squad and the films Anna And The Apocalypse and The Party's Just Beginning are amongst the nominees for the British Academy Scotland Awards 2018. Armando Iannucci has also been nominated twice for The Death Of Stalin.

British Comedy Guide, 26th September 2018

Filming starts on zombie musical Anna And The Apocalypse

Filming is underway on zombie-based comedy musical movie Anna And The Apocalypse. Ella Hunt, Mark Benton and Paul Kaye are amongst the stars.

British Comedy Guide, 16th January 2017