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About me

Writer of comedy and drama. And now producer too. Living on Kirrin Island described in an earlier post as somewhere between Midsummer Murders meets Wife Swap.

- BBC Credits. Material recorded by the BBC in Series 39 of The Now Show and Series 6, 7 & 8 of Newsjack.
- One Act Play - Why? A powerfully dark drama set on death row in Florida. Nominated for best new play at Sir Michael Caine Drama Festival, Leatherhead. May 2012.
- BBC Academy. Presenter on the Building Digital Capacity programme.
- Radio Audience Sitcom - Mayday with BBC Writers room.
- Producer of the satirical and topical comedy podcast - Live from Kirrin Island - in collaboration with British Comedy Guide colleagues.
- A collaborative writing project with a Youth Drama Group potentially leading to a festival performance
- Recent commission for one-off political comedy somewhere between Yes Minister and Thick of It.