Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

Image shows from L to R: Dan Antopolski, Richard Herring, Nick Helm. 2011 #05: Dan Antopolski and Nick Helm

Rich is considering getting run over by a bus to give him a show for next year's Fringe, after Tim Vine has rejected him as a gag writer and he's smarting from a weird, scary audience from last night's What Is Love, Anyway?, but luckily today's podcast audience aren't weird - well not in that way. Obviously they're deeply odd and there's not enough of them, but hopefully things will pick up so Richard can be financially rewarded for another slow descent into madness. Today's guests are Dan 'Sparkling Helmet' Antopolski and Nick Helm and there's an extra special appearance from Cliff who was once a contestant on Countdown. The identity of the mysterious cupboard puncher might finally be revealed after nine years of escaping justice and because Rich is tired there's a lot of talk of bodily effluent. The hour zips by - let's hope it's not Kenneth Kendall's last one.

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Date: 8th August 2011   Length: 63 mins   Size: 57.74mb

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