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2011 #07: Glenn Wool and Simon Munnery

Richard wonders if he is in the middle of a 3 and a half week long piece of theatre rather than a podcast, but presses on, cos though he feels as if he's in a play, he is anyway. He's trying out for Michael McIntyre's Roadshow with his opening monologue but keeps forgetting not to swear. His guest is the Canadian comedy genius Glenn Wool who has some excellent advice on how to deal with the English rioters, and also weirdly enough has independently come up with two routines that Rich has also been considering - great minds think alike - and so do rubbish ones. The boys share their stories of unusual biopsies and ghosts and love and life on the road. With 5 minutes of stand-up from the brilliant Simon Munnery, because he lives across the road and Rich had neglected to book anyone. Whoever wrote today's script for the play was on blistering form. Hope you enjoy it!

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Published: 10th August 2011.   Length: 60 minutes.   Size: 55.13mb

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