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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2011 #09: Paul Sinha and Tania Edwards

It's episode 9 of RHEFP and Richard is tired and not in the mood, but then audibly surprised at how well his half-arsed opening monologue goes down and he's rejuvenated and full of beans from then on in. He has tales of the changes that take place in 24 years in a chip shop, plus too much information about the actresses he has gone out with and the princess that he failed to seduce. His guest, Paul Sinha, is less impressively one degree of separation from celebrity fellatio (alas not Keith Allen) and used to fancy Richard before 'The King of Edinburgh' (Three Weeks) got too fat and old. Rich chastises Jack Whitehall for obvious plagiarism, is reminded of his cruel Celebrity Mastermind defeat and takes us back to 1995 when he was looking at his immaturity in Richard Herring is All Man. CJ from Eggheads rears his ugly egghead as well and there's some unpleasant stuff about how to improve the film Love Actually with sexual assault. With stand-up from Tania Edwards. Also there's a Kenneth Kendal health and sexuality update.

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Published: 12th August 2011.   Length: 60 minutes.   Size: 55.45mb

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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast 2011. Image shows from L to R: Francesca Martinez, Holly Walsh, Richard Herring.

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