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With the first run of We Are Klang's sitcom just finished, Circuit Training gently grills Klang's Steve Hall about the road to BBC Three and where he thinks they went right/wrong along the way.

Written by Si Hawkins. British Comedy Guide, 8th September 2009

The final episode of the Klang series is entitled 'Alien' and there is nothing ambiguous about the title and subsequent content; it's about Aliens.

Written by Greg Davies. BBC Comedy Blog, 3rd September 2009

The old Young Ones has grown on us, except for the Adrian Edmondson one. It's winning and really stupid but in a properly consistent manner.

tvBite, 3rd September 2009

The sense of fun is infectious. The guys are likeable, they're clearly enjoying themselves and they have a great rapport with their live audience. Those songs are winners, too.

Written by Laura Pledger. Radio Times, 27th August 2009

Klang have travelled up to Edinburgh to perform at a benefit gig for the Charlie Harthill Special Reserve in the Pleasance Courtyard.

Written by Steve Hall. BBC Comedy Blog, 27th August 2009

Marek talks about having to kiss a dog for the show. "So the day of the big scene arrived, I was feeling very nervous and even brushed my teeth twice."

Written by Marek Larwood. BBC Comedy Blog, 20th August 2009

For every viewer who loves it to bits there'll be one who finds it puerile beyond words. But if you ever enjoyed the likes of The Young Ones or Alexei Sayle, you're bound to warm to this continuing comedy series, centred on the fictional (no, really?!) council of Klangbury and three of its ludicrous leading lights.

The Express, 20th August 2009

"I'd describe We Are Klang as feelgood fuckwittery. We're joytards. A review of us in Australia called us 'visually pitiful genius fools' which is possibly my favourite ever description of us."

Written by Barry Donovan. Den Of Geek, 14th August 2009

We Are Klang's Greg writes... I think that one thing that has united Klang over the years is our love of people. Having worked together for several years we have learned that if you treat your audience well, they will take you to their hearts. A couple of incidents spring to mind.

Written by David Thair. BBC Comedy Blog, 13th August 2009

We Are Klang's second episode was a notable improvement on last week's opener, if still a program wholly unsuited to its late timeslot. If this were performed live, sandwiched inside a Saturday morning kid's series from the '80s/'90s (say, Live & Kicking) I dare say we'd be saluting the arrival of some excellent children's entertainers. But they're not.

Written by Dan Owen. Dan's Media Digest, 8th August 2009

We Are Klang's Steve Hall reflects on some of the gigs they did back in the day.

Written by Steve Hall. BBC Comedy Blog, 6th August 2009

This hilarious new comedy series, following the misadventures of three woefully incompetent council officers, continues. This time, the trio are faced with the problem of an elusive thief who has wreaked havoc in the town of Klangbury.

The London Paper, 6th August 2009

The adventures of the Klang mob are beyond silly, but Greg Davies, Marek Larwood and Steve Hall are so likable as the useless council officers that it's hard not to go along with their rambunctiousness. Tonight there's an implausibly efficient juggler-burglar careering through town; he's even stolen the mayor's wig. He claims to have contracted a juggling virus: "What, you mean to tell me juggling is catching?" asks Greg.

The Guardian, 6th August 2009

A big thumbs up for trying something different stylistically, but it counts for naught if We Are Klang isn't funny. And, personally, there wasn't much here that elicited a smile from me, beyond the odd nice line.

Written by Dan Owen. Dan's Media Digest, 1st August 2009

What TV always struggles to do is to capture the true anarchy of a live performance, and that's what hits them here. The screen can't convey the joyously unpredictable feeling of being trapped in the same room as three loveable, but slightly scary, comics who are quite happy to go off script.

Written by Steve Bennett. Chortle, 31st July 2009

They're not The Conchords, they're not The Young Ones, they're not (if you're really old) The Goodies. They are We Are Klang. But their show is like someone had forced the aforementioned trio of comedy legends into a blender and pushed the dial to max for twice the recommended time. The frenzy level at the start was quite exhausting.

If this first episode of a comedy about a trio of clueless council officials was a footie match, it had a rubbish first half. But the Klangs unexpectedly hit their stride with a truly disturbing, knicker-scratching Tracy Emin spoof. Best bit was a rhyme-crazed musical extravaganza about what you do when you're a Jew (you play the kazoo), which was as mental as Yentl.

Keith Watson, Metro, 31st July 2009

"Yesterday we paid a visit to the BBC News Channel in order to make total dicks of ourselves in an interview. I learnt two valuable things: not to kiss Greg live on television, and that BP profits have slumped by 53%."

Written by Marek Larwood. BBC Comedy Blog, 30th July 2009

Tonight, mighty sketch trio We Are Klang make that precarious but potentially stupendous leap from the circuit to TV, when their debut TV series begins on BBC3, 10.30pm. Marek Larwood is counting the minutes.

London is Funny, 30th July 2009

Anarchic live comedy trio We Are Klang transfer their oddball humour to the screen in their first TV series which sees them playing members of inept Klangbury Town Council (actually Stalybridge, Greater Manchester).

"Anarchic" and "oddball" are of course euphemisms for "Sorry, I just don't get this."

Their fans from the comedy circuit might be curious to see it - and based on the fact that the studio audience mostly seemed to be enjoying themselves, they do appear to have fans.

One musical number in which they rip off Flight Of The Conchords' unique selling point works pretty well. But otherwise we must conclude that bearing a passing resemblance to a fat Rik Mayall is now apparently enough to get you your own comedy show on BBC3.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 30th July 2009

The latest cult heroes from the live comedy circuit to land on BBC3 is this sketch outfit, whose ramshackle shows are endearing and wonderful. Here they have added a narrative arc to things - they play three inept town councillors - but their madcap spirit still thrives in the TV studio. The audience are a part of the action, ludicrous set-pieces include a Tracey Emin impression and a song about Jews, and the slapstick reminds us of Bottom... always a fine thing.

Sharon Lougher, Metro, 30th July 2009

The comedy trio We Are Klang tell TheLondonPaper about their old-school sitcom, being hit in the crotch with a mallet, and dropping their pants on stage...

Written by Tom Chivers. The London Paper, 30th July 2009

Comedy circuit stalwarts get their own show. They are Greg Davies (the brilliantly hateful head of Sixth Form in The Inbetweeners), Steve Hall and Marek Larwood and you will have seen them on various TV sketch shows at some point. This six-part sitcom is set in a council office and is distinctly old skool - live studio aud, physical comedy, japes, etc. To give you an idea of the tone: at one point, a character is hit in the nuts with a hammer, and you might also notice the audience being hit around the head with the jokes. That being said, it has its moments, and if you enjoyed Bottom or The Young Ones, then this is an amusing-enough half an hour.

tvBite, 30th July 2009

Idiotic, silly, funny, annoying: the comedy trio We Are Klang are all these. Their show, set in the fictional council offices of Klangbury, is part sitcom, part physical comedy as incompetent council leader Greg (Greg Davies), simpleton councillor Marek (Marek Larwood) and sociopath Steve (Steve Hall) go about their business.

Simon Horsford, Daily Telegraph, 30th July 2009

As with The Mighty Boosh, We Are Klang operate in a sphere that's less comedy, more a kind of children's programming for bewildered adults. Long a fixture on the Edinburgh comedy fringe, here the three members of Klang appear as the dysfunctional council employees of Klangtown, and when the town mascot disappears, the trio embark on a vaguely surreal journey of Reeves and Mortimer-style comedy and comic song. Not so many actual jokes, to be honest, but a certain rapport with the studio audience is happily in evidence.

The Guardian, 30th July 2009

A trio who are feted on the live circuit bring their orchestrated stupidity to TV, spewing out slapstick, songs, arch references and quick gags in a mashed sitcom about a bad local council. It's aggressive nonsense in the vein of Reeves and Mortimer or... I'd say Rik Mayall or The Goodies, but Klang get there first by namechecking both. They also corpse freely, gurn at the lens and feed off the studio audience, trying hard to push that live buzz through the screen. Flying out of this whirlwind are some peachy gags: "Incompetence is at its highest level since records were lost!"

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 30th July 2009

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