We Are Klang. Image shows from L to R: Councillor Marek (Marek Larwood), Council-Leader Greg (Greg Davies), Councillor Steve (Steve Hall). Copyright: BBC.

We Are Klang

BBC Three sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2009. Stars Steve Hall, Greg Davies, Marek Larwood, Debbie Chazen, David Ward and Lorna Watson.

Press Clippings

Klang - The Inquest

With the first run of We Are Klang's sitcom just finished, Circuit Training gently grills Klang's Steve Hall about the road to BBC Three and where he thinks they went right/wrong along the way.

Si Hawkins, British Comedy Guide, 8th September 2009

We Are Klang: Aliens

The final episode of the Klang series is entitled 'Alien' and there is nothing ambiguous about the title and subsequent content; it's about Aliens.

Greg Davies, BBC Comedy, 3rd September 2009

The old Young Ones has grown on us, except for the Adrian Edmondson one. It's winning and really stupid but in a properly consistent manner.

TV Bite, 3rd September 2009

Why I Love...We Are Klang

The sense of fun is infectious. The guys are likeable, they're clearly enjoying themselves and they have a great rapport with their live audience. Those songs are winners, too.

Laura Pledger, Radio Times, 27th August 2009

We Are Klang are Pleasant boys

Klang have travelled up to Edinburgh to perform at a benefit gig for the Charlie Harthill Special Reserve in the Pleasance Courtyard.

Steve Hall, BBC Comedy, 27th August 2009

We Are Klang and the dog snog

Marek talks about having to kiss a dog for the show. "So the day of the big scene arrived, I was feeling very nervous and even brushed my teeth twice."

Marek Larwood, BBC Comedy, 20th August 2009

For every viewer who loves it to bits there'll be one who finds it puerile beyond words. But if you ever enjoyed the likes of The Young Ones or Alexei Sayle, you're bound to warm to this continuing comedy series, centred on the fictional (no, really?!) council of Klangbury and three of its ludicrous leading lights.

The Daily Express, 20th August 2009

Interview: We Are Klang's Steve Hall

"I'd describe We Are Klang as feelgood fuckwittery. We're joytards. A review of us in Australia called us 'visually pitiful genius fools' which is possibly my favourite ever description of us."

Barry Donovan, Den Of Geek, 14th August 2009

We Are Klang love you all

We Are Klang's Greg writes...

I think that one thing that has united Klang over the years is our love of people. Having worked together for several years we have learned that if you treat your audience well, they will take you to their hearts. A couple of incidents spring to mind.

David Thair, BBC Comedy, 13th August 2009

We Are Klang Episode 2 Review

We Are Klang's second episode was a notable improvement on last week's opener, if still a program wholly unsuited to its late timeslot. If this were performed live, sandwiched inside a Saturday morning kid's series from the '80s/'90s (say, Live & Kicking) I dare say we'd be saluting the arrival of some excellent children's entertainers. But they're not.

Dan Owen, Dan's Media Digest, 8th August 2009

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