Trollied. Image shows from L to R: Gavin (Jason Watkins), Julie (Jane Horrocks). Image credit: Roughcut Television.

Next series expected to start in October


Next series expected to start in October.

Sky1 sitcom set in a north-west budget supermarket, focusing on the lives of its staff. Stars Jason Watkins, Jane Horrocks and Mark Addy

2011 - 2013  (Sky1)
37 (3 series)
Jane Horrocks, Jason Watkins, Chris Geere, Mark Addy, Nick Blood, Joel Fry, Chanel Cresswell, Rita May, Carl Rice, Beverly Rudd, Lorraine Cheshire
Julie Rutterford, Paul Doolan, Chris Hayward, Nat Saunders, Anne Marie O'Connor, Ash Atalla, Ben Edwards, Stuart Farrell, Rachael New, Adrian Poynton, Abigail Wilson
Roughcut Television

A sitcom set around Valco, a fictional supermarket in the north-west of England. Trollied puts a comic twist on one of our most familiar surroundings; however with ego clashes, simmering tensions and love blossoming, a day at Valco is anything but ordinary.

Series 1 saw acting deputy manager Julie struggling to assert her authority over her staff, and equally fail to impress manager Gavin, upon whom she has quite something of a crush.

On the meat counter, butcher Andy - to whom chops and mince are nearer a religion than a foodstuff - and his young, bored apprentice Kieran, found Julie's significant lack of people skills a constant source of amusement.

At the checkout, fed-up Katie dreams of going travelling, but longs for days at work so she may be near Kieran; whilst new employee Margaret, a product of Valco's older person recruitment scheme, is a constant source of irritation to Julie and far from a natural on the tills.

In Series 2, a promotion for Gavin to head office opens the way for formidable new store manager Lorraine Chain. She has big plans to shake up Valco and, no doubt, the neuroses-riddled Julie. Back in meats, Andy's getting stick - not of the crusty French kind - from fiesty but pint-sized baker Sharon; and the arrival of former business executive Neville on the kiosk could prove interesting...

Series 3 brings the arrival of Richard France, who is Valco's new Head of Strategy. He's been sent to modernise the store and the Warrington branch is his guinea pig. Young, dynamic, unconventional and somewhat eccentric, France's ideas clash with Gavin's safe and by the book approach and soon the store becomes unrecognisable to Gavin.

As France also starts to empower Julie, it's clear that he's trying to push Gavin out. To add to Gavin's woes, Anna, his exuberant new Spanish girlfriend, takes a job at Valco to be close to him, much to Julie's dismay.

There's romance elsewhere in the aisles and not all plain sailing as on/off couple Katie and Kieran are trying to date whilst he's in the middle of a messy divorce. Meanwhile, head butcher Andy, bumps into an old flame, his only one true love and reveals a softer side. Elsewhere in the store, Colin and Lisa are continuing their dysfunctional relationship after a couple of set backs and Sue returns from maternity leave to uncover that there may be more than meets the eye with Linda's new flame.