Trinity. Image shows from L to R: Rosalind Gaudain (Isabella Calthorpe), Dorian Gaudain (Christian Cooke). Image credit: Roughcut Television.


ITV2 comedy drama set in the strange and ancient Trinity College which must now open its doors to less privileged students too

Comedy Drama
2009  (ITV2)
8 (1 series)
Charles Dance, Claire Skinner, Christian Cooke, Reggie Yates, Antonia Bernath, Isabella Calthorpe, Michael Higgs, Mark Wood, Arnab Chanda, Elen Rhys, Tom Hughes & more
Robin French, Kieron Quirke
Roughcut Television

A new term at Trinity College means a new intake, and for the first time the doors of Trinity are thrown open to less privileged students, including Charlotte Arc, whose professor father is found dead shortly before term begins. Charlotte and her fellow freshers soon discover a world of sex, drugs and secret societies - including the mysterious Dandelion Club. What is hidden inside Trinity's walls?

Our Review: This is a strange mix of thriller, mystery, drama and comedy, but the result is a programme which should keep its target audience interested.

The mystery may be fairly see-through, but there are plenty of sex scenes, social status clashes and romantic drama to keep young people watching.

Comedy is not the main element of the show, but there are a number of comic scenes - these mainly come from the characters of Angus and Raj: two loveably dim, laid-back slackers who find themselves humiliated in various ways.