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Dawn O'Porter's been testing her husband's tech knowledge in their new shared office.

Written by Sarah Doran. The Radio Times, 1st July 2015

Like Season 1 of Black Books, the writing and editing are extremely tight and you never have a dull moment. This is a very American style of sitcom writing and is probably why it's done so well over here [in the USA].

Anglonerd, 26th January 2015

Graham Linehan has hinted that the upcoming US remake of The IT Crowd will be a departure from the original series.

Written by Morgan Jeffery. Digital Spy, 6th January 2015

The creator of the cult comedy would like to give Matt Berry's vile boss Douglas Reynholm his own show.

Written by Patrick Foster. The Radio Times, 27th December 2014

It finally happened, Moss's Countdown appearance in The IT Crowd has been recognised in the actual show, with contestant Danny Davies delighting viewers by wearing a t-shirt bearing his infamous line.

Written by Christopher Hooton. The Independent, 18th November 2014

The actor and director breaks his silence about the ill-fated US pilot of the hit Channel 4 comedy - but says that the new attempt to revive it may succeed without him.

Written by Ben Dowell. The Radio Times, 7th November 2014

The Americans want to reboot the series for a remake (again). Oh dear. Here are seven reasons why we calculate this plan is doomed to fail...

Written by Chris Hallam. Metro, 21st October 2014

Apple has remade its latest two commercials for the UK, eradicating Americans Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, and replacing them with IT Crowd comedy legends Richard Ayoade and Chris O'Dowd.

Written by Craig Grannell. Stuff, 14th October 2014

Joel McHale, the star of Community and The Soup explains how his cancelled version of The IT Crowd could have heralded an age of intergalactic peace.

Written by Jonathan Holmes. The Radio Times, 22nd July 2014

The IT Crowd may be over, but is there any hope of turning it off and on again on the big screen? Star Katherine Parkinson certainly thinks so, although hopes its return will be slightly different...

Written by Stephen Kelly. The Radio Times, 18th May 2014

Of course, every night is IT Crowd night somewhere on the Channel 4 network. Like Father Ted, it's become one of those endlessly repeated classics that feels dangerous to even dip into for fear of finding yourself still transfixed a couple of hours later.

So what is Graham Linehan's secret? No real clues from The IT Crowd Manual', the doc which, at 10pm, forms the centrepiece of this celebration. What he's done seems simple: in both Father Ted and The IT Crowd, the classic sitcom formula (a hermetically-sealed world, characters who never learn lessons) is equipped it with self-awareness and real warmth. Oh, and the perfomances are magnificent - Richard Ayoade, Chris O'Dowd, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry are all charmingly present and correct and all seem rightly proud to have been involved in such an adored show.

If you tune in an hour before the doc, you'll get another chance to catch the hour-long special that closed the series earlier this year; from 11.05pm, we'll be finding out which episodes the show's fans and creator hold dearest. A Christmas Eve treat.

Phil Harrison, Time Out, 16th December 2013

On a yet-to-be-confirmed date, the broadcaster will air this year's IT Crowd special: "The Internet is Coming", behind-the-scenes documentary The IT Crowd Manual, the fan's favourite episode and Graham Linehan's favourite episode.

Written by Mayer Nissim. Digital Spy, 3rd December 2013

The final episode of IT Crowd finally graced our screens recently, and it was a fitting finale to one of my favourite comedy series. Here are a selection of the best moments:

Written by Lindsay Harrod. Laugh Out London, 7th October 2013

I had enough fun with The IT Crowd special to say it wasn't a wasted opportunity, and a part of me wishes a full six-part series could have been filmed (O'Dowd would rather make the considerably duller Family Tree?).

Written by Dan Owen. Dan's Media Digest, 28th September 2013

The IT Crowd leaves us with a superb final outing.

Written by Pete Dillion-Trenchard. Den of Geek, 28th September 2013

As to whether we may see Moss, Roy and Jen again in the future? Well it doesn't look likely any time soon. But if nothing else the finale reminded us what glorious characters we stand to lose in the event of the show being retired for good - and besides the ending would certainly leave it open to consideration. So how about it then Graham Linehan?

Written by Caroline Westbrook. Metro, 28th September 2013

Fans of Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd were left heartbroken as the show wrapped up for good with one final episode.

Metro, 28th September 2013

The last-ever episode of Channel 4's successful sitcom was a brilliant blend of humour and poignancy, says Michael Hogan.

Written by Michael Hogan. The Daily Telegraph, 28th September 2013

Farewell TV's most gorgeous geeks - The IT Crowd ends on a high.

Written by Sam Wollaston. The Guardian, 28th September 2013

Choosing just five moments of Moss gold from The IT Crowd is a thankless and near impossible task.

Written by Kate Goodacre. Digital Spy, 27th September 2013

When it was confirmed that The IT Crowd would bow out with a special episode instead of a full series, I felt a bit cheated - and I suspect I wasn't the only one. But on the strength of tonight's one-off grand finale, I'm pleased to report that I was wrong.

Written by Kate Goodacre. Digital Spy, 27th September 2013

From the elders of the internet to THAT Amsterdam story, via a disabled toilet and a courtroom appearance - here are ten giggle-worthy moments that made us love Roy, Jen and Moss.

Written by Ellie Walker-Arnott. The Radio Times, 27th September 2013

The Channel 4 sitcom bows out with a one-off special. And it's a triumphant masterclass in how to go out on a high.

Written by Mark Lawson. The Guardian, 27th September 2013

The synthy title music buzzes us in for a last, joyous visit to the basement of Reynholm Industries. Since the last series in 2010, Chris O'Dowd has gone A-list in Hollywood and Richard Ayoade's film-directing debut (Submarine) won him a Bafta nomination. But for some of us they'll always be Roy and Moss, socially inept IT engineers saddled with a vague, desperate manager (Katherine Parkinson) whose talent for making things spiral into wrongness rivals their own.

For this extended, goodbye special, it's business as usual. Playboy company boss Douglas (Matt Berry) is thinking of appearing on The Secret Millionaire, Roy is struggling to keep a new girlfriend ("She said that emotionally I'm on the artistic spectrum..."), and he and Jen are caught on a viral video that upsets the internet. "We p****d off the internet, Jen!" wails Roy. The internet is coming to get us!"

David Butcher, The Radio Times, 27th September 2013

Those familiar with Graham Linehan's hyperactive Twitter presence will be unsurprised by some of the subjects tackled in this the hour-long finale of his geeky, live audience sitcom: embarrassing viral videos, anonymous hacktivists, the NSA. It's a testament to his fine plotting skills and mastery of tone that such dark fare is seamlessly woven into the shows usual cartoonish set pieces and Seinfeldian verbal tics ('small-person racist', 'emotionally artistic').

Along the way, our hapless trio of Moss (Richard Ayoade, whose new film The Double features original Reynholm Industries head honcho Chris Morris, fact fans), Roy (Chris O'Dowd, fresh from BBC2's Family Tree) and Jen (Katherine Parkinson, thankfully less shrill than in previous series) do battle with tiny baristas, pepper spray, women's slacks and, er, a van with breasts.

Naturally there are plenty of laughs to be had, especially from Matt Berry, on gloriously silly form as lunatic boss Douglas Reynholm.

But it drags in places and the same old problem remains: the main characters elicit no warmth. As a result, when the IT Crowd depart their basement lair for the last time this viewer was left feeling strangely unmoved. Adios then, nerdlingers: gone neither with a big bang nor a whimper.

Michael Curle, Time Out, 27th September 2013

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