Quotes from Still Game

Aye, that right. Everytime I shag your wife, she makes me a sandwich

Jack Jarvis (Ford Kiernan). Jack's comeback after Boaby calls him fat

Bobby: Ho-ho, it's the Two Ronnies.

Victor: The two Ronnies is it, aye? Well then, it's shut-up-ya-prick from me...

Jack: ...and its shut-up-ya-prick from him!

Victor: Jack and me are going back to school.

Boabby: It's "Jack and I".

Jack: No, its me and Victor.

When life hands you melons, make melonade

Jack Jarvis (Ford Kiernan)

Boaby: One more thing.. dont take any pish off them. I never do.

Eric: Hullo Boaby. You look a prize wanker.

Bobby: Hey! Look! It's Lambert and Butler!

Jack: Shut it Bobby. You're the only fag in here.