Lee Evans - So What Now?. Lee (Lee Evans). Image credit: Little Mo Films.

Lee Evans - So What Now?

After being thrown out by wife Eileen, Lee then destroys his best friend Stuart's place in a gas explosion, and so the two are left flat-hunting

So What Now...?
2001  (BBC One)
8 (1 series)
Lee Evans, Sophie Thompson, Steven O'Donnell
Lee Evans, Stuart Silver, Peter Tilbury
Little Mo Films

Co-written by and starring Lee Evans, this sitcom centres around his character sharing a house with his slobbish friend and their neurotic landlady. Lee is highly accident prone and disaster seems to strike him no matter what his intentions are.

Our Review: The BBC must have felt that they had secured a coup when they convinced Lee Evans to take a break from appearing in successful films to star in his first situation comedy. The presence of experienced director Tony Dow and a solid cast also appeared to bode well.

The end result is rather less than the sum of its parts however. The show ran for only one series and was unloved by both critics and audiences. Many bemoaned the very thin chatacterisation and claimed that the show felt dated. Although brilliant for lovers of farce, it is generally considered to be one of the lesser moments in its star's very successful career.