Animated comedy series for the CBBC Channel. Roy thinks he's just like any normal 11 year old... the trouble is he's animated!

2009 - 2014  (CBBC)
39 (3 series)
Scott Graham, Simon Delaney, Cathy Belton, Martha Byrne, David Green, Rebecca Barry, Fionn O'Shea, Lewis Harris, Chloe McCormack, Mark Lambert, Maud Fahy
Alan Shannon
JAM Media

Roy features a living cartoon trapped in the real world.

This comedy, filmed as a fly-on-the-wall documentary series, combines hand-drawn animation with real-world drama as it follows how one boy struggles to fit in.

Roy thinks he's just like any normal 11 year old. Born into a real world, he is an every-day kid living in an every-day house in an every-day street in a suburb of Dublin and inside he feels just like an ordinary kid. He shares the same hopes, aspirations, friendships and fallings out. The trouble is he's animated!

How do you blend in with the crowd when you can squash and stretch, involuntarily turn blue when you're sad, green when you're jealous, and produce a flock of twittering birds when you get a bump on the head?

Our Review: Funny, engaging, and for a childrens' programme dealing maturely with a number of issues, such as bullying, Roy has surpassed all of our expectations. We were initially a little apprehensive about the series, particularly with regard to the potential barrier of accents and slang, but neither have proved to be problematic. In fact, we'd go as far as saying that this is the strongest mockumentary comedy we've seen for a while, which is all the more surprising given the unrealistic set-up and the fact it is a CBBC production.

Admittedly Roy can be light on the laugh-out-louds, but then we are quite a bit older than the target audience. At very least, the series never fails to amuse - particularly when Simon Delaney is on screen.