Roy. Image shows from L to R: Becky (Martha Byrne), Maura (Cathy Belton), Bill (Simon Delaney). Copyright: JAM Media.


CBBC sitcom about a schoolboy. 52 episodes (4 series), 2009 - 2015. Stars Simon Delaney, Cathy Belton, Martha Byrne, David Green and others.

Video Clips

Roy - Series 3 Trailer

Roy is coming back for a third series...

Series 4 Episode 8 Clip

Roy's dad embarrasses him in front of his friends! How can Roy cool down?

From Series 4, Episode 8. Featuring: Simon Delaney (Bill), Cathy Belton (Maura), Martha Byrne (Becky), Robert Donnelly (Roy), Kiera Delambaca (Sophie), Sinead Delambaca (Laura).

The best thing about being a cartoon?

Roy explains why it's great to be a cartoon.