Parents. Image shows from L to R: Alma Miller (Susie Blake), Jenny Pope (Sally Phillips), Nick Pope (Darren Strange), Len Miller (Tom Conti). Image credit: Objective Productions.


Sky1 sitcom starring Sally Phillips, about a married couple with two teenage kids who are forced to move from London and into her parents' home

2012  (Sky1)
6 (1 series)
Sally Phillips, Darren Strange, Tom Conti, Susie Blake, Jadie Rose Hobson, Christian Lees
Lloyd Woolf, Joe Tucker
Objective Productions

Flying the nest is a milestone moment, a melange of nerves and delight as you unfurl yourself from the parental wing to do the independent thing, to grow up and never look back... That's the idea anyway. But what if unforeseen circumstances, a flip in fortune, or, more specifically, unbridled rage force you to return and shack up with mum and dad once again? That's the 'what if' sparked by writers Lloyd Woolf and Joe Tucker in Parents.

Until recently, Jenny Pope was a high-flying executive living in a large house in leafy west London. That came to an abrupt halt when she lost her job. She says this was due to "structural changes" at the firm, but it might have had something to do with an altercation with a colleague that got a little, er, "punchy".

Things went from bad to worse when her house was repossessed, and now she's had to move her husband, self-styled entrepreneur Nick and two teenage children, Sam and Becky, into her parents' - Len and Alma - house in Kettering. Purely on a temporary basis, of course.

However, Jenny's determined to climb back up the ladder and get back to her old life, no matter what it takes.