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Man About The House. Image shows from L to R: Jo (Sally Thomsett), Robin Tripp (Richard O'Sullivan), Chrissy Plummer (Paula Wilcox). Image credit: Thames Television.

Repeats Scheduled:
Mon 8th (6am, ITV3)
Mon 8th (4:15pm, ITV3)
Tue 9th (6am, ITV3)
Tue 9th (4:20pm, ITV3)
Wed 10th (6am, ITV3)
Wed 10th (4:15pm, ITV3)

Man About The House

When Chrissy and Jo search for a third tenant to help pay the rent, they intend on finding another female. But then they meet young Robin Tripp

1973 - 1976  (ITV)
40 (6 series)
Richard O'Sullivan, Paula Wilcox, Sally Thomsett, Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy, Norman Eshley
Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke
Thames Television

When two young, attractive girls, Chrissy and Jo, search for a third sharer to help pay the rent on their Earl's Court flat, they intended on finding another female. But they reconsider when they meet young Robin Tripp, a catering student whom they discover asleep in their bath the morning after a party.

It just so happens that Robin is on the look out for somewhere local to rent, and so he tries to win the girls over with his wit and charm; but it's his culinary skills that make him the dish of the day as far as Chrissy and Jo are concerned!

This innocent ménage à trois understandably raises a few eyebrows, particularly with their landlords, George and Mildred Roper, who live downstairs.

Our Review: An enormously successful sitcom for Thames, Man About The House is still emblematic of the mid-1970s to many, and spawned not one but two spin-off series: George & Mildred and Robin's Nest, the former of which grew to become by far the most successful and popular of the trio. All three were recreated with equal success for the American market.