The Gnomes Of Dulwich. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

The Gnomes Of Dulwich

Sitcom by Jimmy Perry about three gnomes who live at the bottom of the garden of 25 Telegraph Road

1969  (BBC Two)
6 (1 series)
Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd, John Clive, Leon Thau, Lynn Dalby, Anne De Vigier
Jimmy Perry
British Broadcasting Corporation

Big, Small and Old would appear to the world to be just three stone gnomes but, when darkness falls, they take on a life of their own. As true British gnomes they take exception to the Empire-made, mere plastic gnomes next door.

Our Review: Another avenue explored in an effort to restore the two stars' once mighty partnership back to greatness (see Hugh And I). The Gnomes Of Dulwich was an interesting idea that warranted a second series but, one assumes, the writer was too busy with the highly successful Dad's Army to bother.