Bonjour La Classe. Laurence Didcott (Nigel Planer). Image credit: Talkback Productions.

Bonjour La Classe

Sitcom focussing on Laurence Didcott (Nigel Planer) in his new role as French teacher at the fee-paying and almost anarchic Mansion House school

1993  (BBC One)
6 (1 series)
Nigel Planer, Nicholas Woodeson, Polly Adams, Timothy Bateson, Victoria Carling, Robert Gillespie, David Troughton, Bryan Dick, Rebecca Callard, Daniel Newman, Simeon Pearl & more
Paul Smith, Terry Kyan
Talkback Productions

Nigel Planer plays Laurence Didcott, new French teacher at London's Mansion House public school. Although undoubtedly and unfalteringly well-intentioned, he is actually rather feckless, and somewhat of a one-man disaster area. His constant unquestioning drive for change and improvement only serves to alienate him somewhat from the other teachers, who have long been resigned to a repetitive daily existence of educational mediocrity!

Our Review: Packed with laughs, Bonjour La Classe is a much forgotten sitcom, and sadly so. Nigel Planer makes a superbly clueless French teacher, and an excellent supporting cast kept the show on its toes.