Ask Rhod Gilbert. Image shows from L to R: Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Lloyd Langford. Image credit: Green Inc Film And Television.

Ask Rhod Gilbert

Panel show hosted by Rhod Gilbert, with team captains Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford

Panel Show
2010 - 2011  (BBC One)
16 (2 series)
Rhod Gilbert, Greg Davies, Lloyd Langford
Rhod Gilbert, Greg Davies, Lloyd Langford, Madeleine Brettingham, Barry Castagnola, Matthew Crosby, Keith Martin, Henry Paker, Chris Jones, Stephen Stewart, Dan Swimer
Green Inc Film And Television

Award winning Welsh stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert hosts this BBC One comedy-entertainment series.

Ask Rhod Gilbert is a fresh take on the comedy panel show that sees the comedian getting to grips with a series of burning questions posed by well-known personalities and members of the public. Each episode sees the comedian and guests tackle questions ranging from the sublime, "Who would win in a race, Usain Bolt or a grizzly bear?" to the ridiculous, "Is it true that dogs cannot blow?"

Rhod, along with his two trusty side-kicks Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford, aim to provide all the answers. To help them do that they are joined in their quest by a Guest Comic, a Well-Known Showbiz Personality and a 'Authenticator' whose job is to grease the wheels en route to enlightenment.

The journey to each answer opens a mine of comical, surprising and occasionally eccentric material, often involving studio demonstrations, experiments, archive clips, internet distractions, live phone calls and visual link-ups from home and around the world.

Rhod, Greg and Lloyd are now back for a second series. Rhod explains: "In the first series we finally got to the bottom of whether fish or birds are more important to the planet, which is the most dangerous room in the house, and whether or not Dogs can blow. But of course there are still millions of equally important questions just waiting to be answered. So it's just as well that the BBC agreed to bring us back for another series. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Our Review: Fairly entertaining stuff (particularly the host's opening rants), but it does feature lulls. Prior to this, Gilbert, Davies and Langford had their own Radio 2 show in which they showed their banter worked brilliantly - they haven't really managed to re-create that in this format though. Maybe over this new second TV series they can refine things further - there's certainly been some of the funniest episodes of the show recently.