Andy Capp. Andy Capp (James Bolam). Image credit: Thames Television.

Andy Capp

Daily Mirror cartoon character Andy Capp is brought to the screen to continue his domestic battles with wife Flo and the bottle

1988  (ITV)
6 (1 series)
James Bolam, Paula Tilbrook, Kevin Lloyd, John Arthur, Colette Stevenson, Keith Marsh, Keith Smith, Ian Thompson, Susan Brown, Jeremy Gittins, Ian Bleasdale & more
Keith Waterhouse, Reg Smythe
Thames Television

Andy Capp is a workshy Northerner who prefers the bookmakers or the pub to clocking on at the factory. While never reluctant to use his fists he is not the master in his own house - his wife, Flo, is the dominant partner and she constantly keeps them from going under.

Our Review: A nice idea to bring the popular comic strip to life and the lead role was so perfectly cast it seemingly couldn't fail; but it did, and Andy scampered back to the comfort of the tabloids. The award-winning writer was unable to add enough flesh to the character and the extended format proved too much for viewers who preferred him in short, sharp shocks.

However, it'd be unfair not to note the inventive filming style trialled by director John Howard Davies for the series. Harking back to the character's comic strip roots, most scenes are filmed from a curiously static distance, showing characters facing each other as if in a comic panel, with little panning or zooming on the camera's part. Despite the comedic failure of the series, it's a fascinating watch for this point alone.