All Our Saturdays. Image shows from L to R: Di Dorkins (Diana Dors), Frank Bosomworth (Anthony Jackson), Ken Hicks (Tony Caunter). Image credit: Yorkshire Television.

All Our Saturdays

Di Dorkins runs Garsley Garments, a large textile concern, and now she has taken on the role of managing the firm's amateur Rugby League team, the Frilly Things

1973  (ITV)
6 (1 series)
Diana Dors, Tony Caunter, Norman Jones, Anthony Jackson, John Comer, Doug Fisher
Yorkshire Television

Di Dorkins, known as Big D, runs Garsley Garments, a large textile concern. She is concerned to see her company's Rugby League team languishing at the bottom of the table. She believes that it is not a good image for the company as "lost matches don't sell clothes" - so she takes over the management of the team and knocks them into shape.

Our Review: After her success in Queenie's Castle it was down to earth with a bump for the star, who steered well clear of sitcoms after this lukewarm series.