All Our Saturdays. Image shows from L to R: Stan Maycock (Norman Jones), Unknown, Di Dorkins (Diana Dors), Frank Bosomworth (Anthony Jackson), Unknown, Ken Hicks (Tony Caunter). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

All Our Saturdays

ITV sitcom about a factory rugby team. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1973. Stars Diana Dors, Tony Caunter, Norman Jones, Anthony Jackson and others.

Series 1

1. Charity Meets Its Match

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th February 1973

Big D has decided to take over her ailing Rugby League team and they soon find out that she is rougher, tougher and quicker on the ball than they are. She arranges a charity match and vows to give nothing away.


2. The Unhappy Hooker

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st February 1973

Ronnie Rendell has been given the task of reporting on Garsley Garment's Rugby league matches and his first report is far from promising. He is not helped by the team's new name, 'Frilly Things', which has been chosen by Di in order to help them prove their masculinity by winning!


3. 100 Years Of Outstanding Underthings

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th February 1973

Garsley Garments celebrates its centenary week and the 'Frilly Things' rugby team are involved in the celebrations. The proceedings become rather unruly and only the appearance of Big D prevents a major brawl.


4. The Ref Is Always Right

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th March 1973

The 'Frilly Things' feel they are being given a hard time by referees and Big D moves in to action. She keeps being told the ref is programmed like a robot to act at the sight of a foul, but she finds that inside the machine is a human being struggling to get out.


5. Come Home Stan Maycock

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th March 1973

There's a huge problem for the rugby team when the beer pumps in the clubhouse break down again. Worse still they don't have enough money in the kitty to get them repaired...


6. When The Nobbling Had To Stop

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st March 1973

There could be a bloodbath when the 'Frilly Things' meet Doncaster Disinfectants and it looks as though Big D will have to motivate her men to avoid defeat - especially as there is money on the result.