According To Bex. Bex (Jessica Stevenson). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

According To Bex

A sitcom set in an office about a woman trying to figure out what she is supposed to do in a world

The World According To Bex; Everything I Know About Men
2005  (BBC One)
8 (1 series)
Jessica Hynes, Greg Wise, Raquel Cassidy, Oliver Chris, Zita Sattar, Clive Russell
Fred Barron, Julia Barron, Katie Douglas, Danny Robins, Dan Tetsell
British Broadcasting Corporation
& Rude Boy Productions

According To Bex stars Jessica Hynes (then Stevenson) as Bex Atwell, a secretary who's stuck in an 'almost' world - almost in a relationship, almost in a good job, almost a size 10/12.

Bex is trying to figure out what a smart woman is supposed to do in a world where men behave like... men, but the more she discovers the more infuriating they become!

Bex's boss Charles doesn't acknowledge relationship boundaries; her on/off boyfriend Ryan is worried that she's "trying to corral his seed"; and her womanising father, Jack, has regressed into one of the lads.

With the help of her acerbic friend Chris and her subversive office mate Jan, Bex tries to work out what men are all about and why women even bother to try working them out in the first place.

Our Review: Jessica Hynes tries hard but it isn't worth the effort. This promising sitcom turned out to be distinctly average: average jokes, average acting and average sets. Ok, there are some laughs in it - and a few very good ones at that - but overwhelmingly the series just wasn't as funny as it thought it was.

Bex's monologues to camera and vox pops from 'the general public' inserted were quite original ideas, but actually ended up being the most annoying thing about this 2005 sitcom.

It'd be unfair to suggest that According To Bex was as awful as its reputation would lead one to believe, but it really was not a great series by any measure.