A.P. Herbert's 'Misleading Cases'. Mr Justice Swallow (Alastair Sim). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

A.P. Herbert's 'Misleading Cases'

A look at some of the extraordinary cases brought by Albert Haddock in his attempt to prove that the law can sometimes be an ass

Misleading Cases
1967 - 1971  (BBC One)
19 (3 series)
Alastair Sim, Roy Dotrice, Avice Landon, Thorley Walters
Alan Melville, Christopher Bond, Michael Gilbert, A. P. Herbert, Henry Cecil
British Broadcasting Corporation

It has become a matter of principle for Albert Haddock to not let archaic laws and bye-laws dictate the way he lives his life. Whenever he takes on the injustices of life he normally ends up having to defend his stance in a court of law. A court that is frequently presided over by the increasingly amused Mr Justice Swallow and Mr Haddock's long-suffering adversary Sir Joshua Hoot QC.

Our Review: Delightfully funny series owing more than a little to its two superb leading actors and excellent scripts. Based on A.P. Herbert's many judicial 'summings up' of "Misleading Cases" for Punch magazine, the stories exposed the legal absurdities we are forced to live with. Many were so absurd they bordered on the farcical, but then they were meant to be held up to ridicule, and Roy Dotrice played Albert Haddock to perfection. Alastair Sim rarely ventured onto the small screen and his appearance here underpinned his loss to this medium.

The second series was entitled Misleading Cases before reverting back to the original title for the final outing which saw the absurdities played out in colour for the first time.