Undone. Tankerton Slopes (Ben Moor). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.


Sci-fi comedy based on the concept of parallel universes, in particular the weird version of mundane London - Undone. Created by Ben Moor

Comedy Drama
2006 - 2010  (BBC Radio 7)
17 (pilot + 3 series)
Sarah Solemani, Alex Tregear, Ben Moor, Duncan Wisbey, Kevin Eldon, Sophie Duval, Tim Key, Montserrat Lombard, Emma Kennedy, Al Murray, Daisy Haggard
Ben Moor
British Broadcasting Corporation

Edna Turner has moved from the town of Towcester to London in order to start her new job at listings magazine Get Out!. When she arrives, she meets the strange Tankerton Slopes, who claims to come from a parallel version of London known as 'Undone'. Undone is "where the weirdness comes from." Weird things flow into London and mundane things flow into Undone, making them the peculiar places they are.

Edna and Tankerton soon become friends, partly because Tankerton is interested that her home town is pronounced the same way as the well-known kitchen appliance, and that they also have the same boss, Carlo Jones, all be it two different versions of him.

Tankerton offers Edna the task of finding anyone from Undone who is in London and bring them back, for if an Undoner stays in London for too long, things become very weird indeed.

In series one, Edna learns about Undone and becomes involed with trying to return Undoners back home. But when she encounters dishy Undoner Grant, she lets him stay with surreal consequences.

In series two, Tankerton plans to get married to Ida, a woman from the very boring version of London called Donlon. Edna meanwhile meets her real father, learns she has a half-sister, and tries to find a precious gem.

In series three, Get Out! has collapsed and reformed as an online newsletter called Go On!, with the help of Ida. Edna soon finds herself with more Undone business, involving the strange Golfer Mackenzie who meets up with every version of himself from every version of London.

Our Review: Like any sci-fi or fantasy comedy series, it takes a while to get used to Undone, but once you are familar with the series, you will probably enjoy it.

The series is full of twists and turns, with most series ending on a cliffhanger. The third series had an open ending which appears to make way for a possible fourth series, but no series was commissioned.

With three series, Undone is the longest running original narrative comedy on BBC Radio 7.