BBC Radio 7 comedy drama. 17 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2006 - 2010. Stars Sarah Solemani, Alex Tregear, Ben Moor, Duncan Wisbey, Kevin Eldon, Sophie Duval, Tim Key and others.

Edna Turner

Journalist.   Played by: Sarah Solemani (Series 1)   Alex Tregear (Series 2-3)  

Edna is 21-year-old journalist (and probably the youngest person ever to be named "Edna") who has just moved from the town of Towcester in Northamptonshire to London to start work on listings magazine Get Out!. Upon meeting Tankerton, she decides to help him find Undoners who have moved to London.

Tankerton Slopes (Series 1-3)

AKA: Tim Stokes.  Played by: Ben Moor

Tankerton lives in Undone. His job is to find Undoners who have moved to London and return them home, for fear that they will make London too weird if they stay in London. He hires Edna to help him because of their connections with their boss Carlo, and the fact that her hometown is pronounced the same way as a kitchen appliance.

It is later discovered that there are two Tankertons. One, the one Edna knows actually comes from London and his real name is Tim Stokes. He is determined to prevent any of the versions of London from merging. The other Tankerton is a native Undoner, has lots of different jobs, and is in love with Ida.

Carlo Jones (Series 1-3)

AKA: Charles Jones.  Edna, Tankerton and Ida's Boss.   Played by: Duncan Wisbey

Carlo Jones (Italian mother, Welsh father in case you are wondering) is Edna and Tankerton's boss. However, the London and Undone versions of himself differ. In London, Carlo is always slightly vague, and would rather not know as much as he does. In Undone, Carlo is more of a take-charge boss who may be working for The Prince. There is also a version of Carlo in just about every other version of London.

At the end of series two, Get Out! runs out of businness and closes, but is replaced with an online email service called Go On!. Part way through series three, the Undone Carlo is killed by an angry version of Golfer Mackenzie.

The Prince (Series 2-3)

AKA: The Man Man.  Prince.   Played by: Kevin Eldon

The Prince, or The Man Man as he is also known, is Edna's father. His ambition is to unite all the different versions of London/Undone. His attempt to do this resulted in him being thrown out of The Court.

The thing that can bring about the merger he is looking for is The Gem, but this has been shattered into pieces for reasons unclear. Some believe the Court did it to prevent The Prince for achieving his goal. Others believe the Prince did it to the stop the Court from acting.

In series three, The Prince is back at the Court, working in the Primary version of all versions of London.

Billy O'Malley (Series 1-3)

Played by: Duncan Wisbey

Billy is a stereotypical Irishman who looks after the flat that Edna lives in. However, whenever Edna needs something fixing, he normally finds a way out of helping.

In reality, Billy works part-time for the Prince in getting Undoners over to London as part of the Prince's Anomaly Project (An O'Malley Project).

Ida (Series 2-3)

Played by: Sophie Duval

Ida is Edna's half-sister and daughter of The Prince. Ida lives in another parallel version of London called Donlon, which is very generic. Even the names are generic. For example, Ida comes from a small town called Smalltown. Ida and Tankerton plan to get married, but there is a mix-up between the London and Undone versions, with Ida wanting to marry the Undone version, but the London Tankerton being more pushy and wanting to marry her for the purposes of getting the gem.

Ida knows a lot about computers and helps to set-up the follow-up company to Get Out! called Go On!.

Grant (Series 1-2)

Played by: Tim Key

Grant is an Undoner with a talent for drawing with whom Edna falls in love with. One thing Grant can do is draw veils over activities they prefer to keep private. He also develops bizarre theatre projects, and runs a business called We Will Hide Your Stuff company, which hides your stuff so you can have the joy of finding your possessions again.


Journalist.   Played by: Montserrat Lombard (Series 1-2)   Daisy Haggard (Series 3)  

Kate is another journalist who works on Low Down, a rival to Get Out!. Edna is at first oblivious to the fact that Kate does not like her, but soon comes to realise it.

Late likes mundane things and is not imaginative. As a result, she moves to the generic city of Donlon, and later gets a job minding the gaps between Donlon and London, preventing Donlon from becoming too interesting. In Donlon she works for the listings magazine Just OK, run by Charles Jones, the Donlon version of Carlo.

Rosie Turner (Series 1-3)

Played by: Emma Kennedy

Rosie is Edna's mother. To Edna's surprise, she known everything about Undone, Donlon, Carlo, Ida and The Prince.

Golfer Mackenzie (Series 3)

Games shop keeper.   Played by: Al Murray

Golfer Mackenzie owns a games shop in London, but soon he takes it upon himself to meet up with every version of himself in every different version of London. This results both in some very weird situations of Edna, but also in the death of Undone Carlo by the hands of the version of Golfer from LONDON!!!, the version of London were everyone is always angry.