BBC Radio 7 comedy drama. 17 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2006 - 2010. Stars Sarah Solemani, Alex Tregear, Ben Moor, Duncan Wisbey, Kevin Eldon, Sophie Duval, Tim Key and others.

Welcome To Undone

When Edna moved to London to work on an entertainment magazine, she expected it to be strange. But 'strange' doesn't cover being shown an entire parallel city in a dimension just beyond normal logic. It doesn't cover the weirdness she found there, and it certainly doesn't result in being given a second job patrolling the gaps between the cities. Still, strange is good. This is the story of Edna Turner, and of Undone.

Undone is where the weirdness comes from. Anything that can be considered strange, peculiar or downright bizarre in London probably has its origins in Undone. Weirdness flows from Undone into London, while mundane things flow in the opposite direction, making the cities the unique places they are.

Things considered weird in London are probably gaps into which you can get into Undone. The city is home to pet tricks shows; Best Tables: the restaurant with the most beautiful tables in town (and some decent food as well); The University Goth Hospita;, an unusual range of medication which is deliberately designed to make you paranoid or make other people agree with you; and troubled eggs. An Undone delicacy, these are eggs which are lightly fried, then cut up into little squares, mixed up, then fried again so the pieces melt into one another and become a whole egg once more.

Edna (Sarah Solemani in Series 1, and Alex Tregear in Series 2 & 3) moves to London from her hometown of Towcester (pronounced the same way as 'Toaster') to start work on a listings magazine called Get Out!, a magazine which lists a wide range of unusual events. It may have been this that helped her find the city of Undone, via one Tankerton Slopes (played by series writer Ben Moor). Tankerton is a Londoner who lives in Undone and shows her the city. It is his job to prevent Undoners from entering London and making the capital too weird. If gone unchecked, Undoners weirdness could result in the destruction of the whole of reality. Tankerton hires Edna to help him track missing Undoners and return them home, partly because of the unusual name of her hometown, and partly because they have the same boss, Carlo Jones (Duncan Wisbey), albeit two different versions of him.

In the first series, Edna learns about the city of Undone and begins her job in tracking town its residents living in London. There is trouble however when she falls in love with one Undoner; Grant (Tim Key), and lets him stay in London. The resulting action almost leads to London being destroyed be excessive weirdness. Luckily, Edna manages to save the city, and discovers a whole range of parallel Londons in the process.

These become of note in the second series, when Tankerton plans to marry Ida (Sophie Duval), a resident on Donlon, a city which is incredibly generic. Edna also learns more about her own history in the second series. She discovers that she and Ida are half-sisters, the daughters of The Prince (Kevin Eldon), a man who believes that the best thing to do is unite all versions of London into one big city. Edna attempts to stop her plan, after being told by Tankerton that the merger would be disastrous for everyone, with people experiencing things that are best left unexposed.

However, Edna discovers that it is in fact Tankerton who has been manipulating everything for his own gain, and looking to prevent any merger taking place. Tankerton then leaves via a gap into the 'Primary' city from which all versions of London are imagined.

The second series ended on a cliff-hanger, with Edna saying that one of her close friends would be dead and another will have helped cause the destruction of Undone. A peculiar sound from the Best Tables lobby gets Edna thinking as to who would be clumsy enough to make such a noise.

At the beginning of series three we learn that the noise was made by the Undone version of Tankerton whom Ida had meant to marry in the first place. Edna decides to continue in her work, although she is willing to allow more bluring of the boundaries between the Londons. Also, Get Out! has folded, so the company has reformed as an weekly email called Go On! with the help of Ida's knowledge of computers.

Edna and the London Tankerton soon become involved with a certain Golfer Mackenzie (Al Murray), a man from London who goes on to meet all the versions of him in all different Londons. This results in tragedy when the angriest version of Golfer kills the Undone Carlo in front of Edna's mother Rosie (Emma Kennedy).