Start/Stop. Barney (Jack Docherty). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

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Radio 4 sitcom about love, marriage and tolerating each other. The characters break the fourth wall to talk to the audience about the scene

Stop/Start (Pilot title)
2012 - 2014  (BBC Radio 4)
15 (pilot + 2 series)
Jack Docherty, Kerry Godliman, Fiona Allen, Charlie Higson, John Thomson, Sally Bretton, Katherine Parkinson
Jack Docherty
British Broadcasting Corporation

Start/Stop is a sitcom about love, marriage and tolerating each other, written by and starring Jack Docherty.

Cathy and Barney have been married for ages. So have Evan and Fiona. But Alice and David are just together and everyone loves Alice. Except other women.

Start/Stop follows the story of these three couples as they try to make the best of things.

When things get tricky, the characters are able to stop the action, explain themselves to the audience and start it all up again.