Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation. Jeremy Hardy. Image credit: Pozzitive Productions.

Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation

Radio 4 series in which Jeremy Hardy presents a series of humorous lectures on a vast range of different subjects

1993 - 2014  (BBC Radio 4)
48 (10 series)
Jeremy Hardy, Stephen Frost, Debbie Isitt, Gordon Kennedy, Meera Syal, Pauline McLynn, Paul Bassett Davies
Jeremy Hardy, Paul Bassett Davies
Pozzitive Productions

Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation is a series of lectures in which the comedian Jeremy Hardy talks about a subject of interest in his own unique style.

Hardy takes on topics as diverse as "How to be a father", "How to belong", "How to die" and "How to hand the world to the next generation".

The humorous description that accompanies this show is as follows: "Few can forget where they were in 1993 when they first heard Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation. The show was an immediate smash-hit success, causing pubs to empty on a Saturday night - astonishing, since the show went out on Thursdays. The Light Entertainment department was besieged, questions were asked in the House and Jeremy Hardy himself became known as the man responsible for the funniest show on radio since Money Box Live with Paul Lewis."

Our Review: One of the most successful stand-up radio shows, Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation won a bronze Sony Award in 1995 and was nominated again in 2004. It has also been nominated for a British Comedy Award and a Writers Guild Award.

It was also the first fully-fledged comedy show from an independent production company (Pozzitive Productions) to be broadcast on BBC Radio, the first cross-repeat between BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 1, and is one of the oldest too, having spanned over 20 years now.

The series has, at times, been controversial. Once Ofcom received (but subsequently dismissed) 70 complaints after Hardy said that members of the BNP should be "shot in the back of the head".