15 Minute Musical. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

15 Minute Musical

Current affairs and celebrity stories told in musical form, created by Richie Webb, Dave Cohen and David Quantick

15 Minute Musicals
2004 - 2015  (BBC Radio 4)
51 (8 series)
Dave Lamb, Richie Webb, Melanie Hudson, Vicki Pepperdine, Alex Lowe, Dave Cohen, Jess Robinson, Pippa Evans
Dave Cohen, David Quantick, Richie Webb
British Broadcasting Corporation

Each episode of this radio series takes an easily identifiable public figure and contorts their story into a bitesize West End Musical.

In true West End style, artistic licence is well and truly taken and stretched, as easily identifiable public figures are dressed up, gilded, fabricated and placed against a random musical backdrop for sugar coated consumption. The stories are simple and engaging but with an edge - allowing the audience to enjoy all the conventions of a musical (huge production numbers, tender ballads and emotional reprises) whilst we completely re-interpret events in major celebrities' lives.

Targets satirised by the show include Heather Mills-McCartney, Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Jeremy Clarkson and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Series 5 covered the US Election, Piers Morgan's search for his real father (Pappa Pia), Nick Clegg's search for a personality, Demon chef Ramsay Todd's search for the perfect pie ingredient, Ebenezer Brown's search for Christmas cheer, and Boris Johnson driving a bus from Beijing to Bow in the hope that he'll arrive in time for the London Olympics.

Those given a comedic West End musical makeover in Series 6 included Bruce Forsyth, Ed Miliband, Fabio Capello and the Coalition and Ant and Dec. The Queen also featured in a 15 Minute Musical which saw her look back at the public figures she's met during 2010.

After a long break, 15 Minute Musical returned for Christmas 2012, with daily episodes. Targets included Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron.

The show returned again for Christmas 2013 for an 8th series, with Nigel Farage, Julian Assange and Simon Cowell amongst the life's set to music.