Alexis Strum.

Halloween Comedy Videos

Here's some halloween-themed videos mixing scares with a touch of comedy.

Niamh Donovan.

Out of the Ordinary

17 mins, 27 secs

Richard Rodriguez "The Scare King" Soul starts his first paranormal investigation with a new team consisting of Kim West (Medium), Jamie Myers (Marketer and PR), Billy Dale (technician) and Jason (hired cameraman). The team travel to an Inn in North Yorkshire believed to be haunted by a mysterious Man in Black. The landlady gives the backstory of all the ghostly happenings she has had at the Inn. Kim and Billy have a brief encounter with the Man in Black but Jamie actually meets him at the bar where he offers her a drink for her soul.


Image shows from L to R: Stuart Laws, Phoebe Sparrow.

Shared Document

11 mins, 48 secs

A short film about a brother and sister who are trying to remotely complete a eulogy for their dad's funeral... unaware that an anonymous user is about to crash the document.


Helen Duff.

How to Floss

2 mins, 19 secs

With Halloween and Christmas approaching it can be a tough time on your teeth so here's a little how to guide to help you get flossing and avoid those cavities. Presented by the wonderful and perfectly balance, certainly no fires in her past, Flora Dents.


Image shows from L to R: Michael James Dean, Darren Ruston.


17 mins, 54 secs

Jingle Bells Motherf**ckers! During an annual Christmas office party, three unlikely heroes - workers Stan, Peggy & Richard - find themselves fighting for their lives when their building becomes overrun by a horde of sharped toothed creatures hungry for human flesh.


George Potts.

Meat is Murder

15 mins

Patrick is a young filmmaker investigating a group of vegan vigilantes. At first they seem harmless, but when their de facto leader Steven faces a leadership challenge from hardliner Julie, the group starts to head down a much darker path.


The Spider House.

The Spider House

4 mins, 38 secs

Katie Pritchard says: "Warning: This very poorly drawn music video is a true story of my first night at a new job where they'd put us all up in a house infested with spiders. Needless to say, I still struggle to remain calm near a spider. This is not for the faint-hearted. Please watch with caution. Sorry if it's too scary - drawing straight lines is hard!"


Mac McDonald.

Boris In the Forest

12 mins

Merv Blanco has just landed in London from Los Angeles. Despite his t-shirt, sneakers and voluble affability, he's not the typical sightseer. A fan of horror films, Merv is actually in search of the birthplace of his hero Boris Karloff, the iconic actor who portrayed Frankenstein's monster.


Clarissa Maycock.

Brexit Halloween make-up tutorials

8 mins, 12 secs

A brand new video by Glitzy Ghost Hunter, the UK's premier paranormal expert & beauty blogger. In this video she finally ends the #BrexitDebate, by presenting TWO rival Halloween makeup looks - one for Remain (The Remoaner Blues) and one for Leave (The Battered Brexit Bride). Which is your favourite? Has it totally changed your views on Brexit? Of course it has!


Adrian Gray.

Halloween Hacks

2 mins, 31 secs

Finding it stressful getting ready for the big day? Don't worry. Here are some cheeky hacks and tricks to make spookiest holiday of the year that little bit easier!


David Anderson.

Ouija Sex

4 mins, 13 secs

When a heart-broken man tries to contact his deceased girlfriend, he discovers she wants more than just a chat...


How to Carve a Pumpkin.

How to Carve a Pumpkin

2 mins, 58 secs

A quick easy tutorial to help you turn your pumpkins, from faceless fruit, into frightening ghouls, guaranteed to scare the neighbours.


Reeltrospectives. Mark Joseph.

Reeltrospectives - Halloween

4 mins, 59 secs

Today we are looking at John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic, Halloween. I journeyed all the way the USA to get this exclusive interview with Michael Myers, to see what his life has been like since we saw him last.


Charlie Bond.

Super Ouija Board

1 min, 37 secs

It is the Halloween Season, so what better time to communicate another... WORLD?