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Vicious. Stuart (Derek Jacobi). Copyright: Brown Eyed Boy / Kudos Productions


AKA: Stuart Bixby.  Played by: Derek Jacobi

Stuart met Freddie whilst working a barman, and they've been together ever since.

He is the sweeter and more sensitive one in the relationship, but he can give as good as he gets.

Stuart is often on the phone to his mum, or worrying whether their dog is dead.

Vicious. Freddie (Ian McKellen). Copyright: Brown Eyed Boy / Kudos Productions


AKA: Freddie Thornhill.  Played by: Ian McKellen

Freddie was an actor. Well, technically he still is... it's just he's not had any new roles for years.

He is not afraid to speak his mind and often bickers with Stuart, but underneath all the rudeness you can tell he loves his partner really.

Vicious. Violet (Frances de la Tour). Copyright: Brown Eyed Boy / Kudos Productions


Violet is a close friend of Freddie and Stuart, and she can regularly be seen knocking on their door.

She is a free spirit with a great sense of fun and adventure, and is always up for a drink.

Violet makes it very clear she thinks Ash is a hunk, which makes Ash quite uncomfortable. As it turns out, he's not even safe from her advances when she's in a relationship!

Vicious. Ash (Iwan Rheon). Copyright: Brown Eyed Boy / Kudos Productions


Played by: Iwan Rheon

Ash is a very honest, good-natured, polite young man from Wigan. He enters the world of Stuart and Freddie's life when he moves in upstairs.

Although Ash is straight, Freddie still admires his good looks and is always delighted to see him at the door.

Ash often has girlfriend problems and turns to the duo for general advice in life.

Vicious. Penelope (Marcia Warren). Copyright: Brown Eyed Boy / Kudos Productions


Played by: Marcia Warren

Penelope is Stuart and Freddie's long-time friend.

She is either narcoleptic or absent minded, because it seems she often isn't following what is going on. Despite spending so much time with Stuart and Freddie, it's entirely possible she's yet to realise they are a couple...

Vicious. Mason (Philip Voss). Copyright: Brown Eyed Boy / Kudos Productions


AKA: Mason Thornhill.  Played by: Philip Voss

Mason is Freddie's brother and part of his and Stuart's circle of friends.

He's a bit of a freeloader and hanger-on and keeps nicking their drink. Despite taking advantage of their generosity he still has the temerity to complain. For example, he moans the sandwiches they give him are not big enough.

To be fair, Freddie and Stuart do treat him appallingly sometimes - including ignoring him.

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