Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor. Karen Taylor. Copyright: Avalon Television
Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor

Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Three
  • 2006 - 2008
  • 14 episodes (2 series)

Sketch show co-written by and starring Karen Taylor. Also features Anna Crilly, Jalaal Hartley, Lawry Lewin, Clare Warde, Kate Robbins and more.

Press clippings

Karen Taylor set for German makeover

BBC3 sketch show Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor is to be remade for Germany's largest broadcaster, RTL, after a successful pilot broadcast last month.

Will Hurrell, Broadcast, 1st October 2008

Taylor brings her saucy Carry On-style sketch show to a close with a brilliant skewering of celebrity charity singles.

Metro, 21st August 2008

Karen Taylor Interview

Metro asks Karen some short questions.

Andrew Williams, Metro, 16th July 2008

One painfully long sketch relied for its punchline the words 'her peas' and 'herpes'. Yes, it was that good

Matt Baylis, The Daily Express, 11th July 2008

I do think she has a certain charm that makes her watchable (and I'm not talking about the 'charms' that appeal to my husband). Actually, she does rely on her massive jugs for a lot of the humour and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. I mean, I'm not wild about her using her sexuality for cheap gags, but the sketches in which she erroneously believes someone to be commenting on her bosoms and so gives them a load of abuse are usually the funniest in the show.

In between sketches, Taylor addresses the camera ostensibly as herself and those bits, for me, work better than the actual sketches. I don't know. It was a pleasant way to spend a half hour, but a comedy classic it is not.

Keris, TV Scoop, 11th July 2008

Bafta award-winning comedian Karen Taylor is back for a new run of her innuendo-laden sketch show. This wry look at the modern world sees the return of characters such as the hostess of late-night quiz show Cash Cow and the lascivious schoolteacher who takes an unhealthy interest in her male pupils. Highlights include a skit about social networking, with, and the Anna Nicole Smith-inspired character Joanna.

Clive Morgan, The Telegraph, 10th July 2008

What the world really doesn't need is yet another sketch show from BBC3, but I have to grudgingly admit that Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor is a lot more promising than most. The quality of material is consistently amusing, and even induces the occasional guffaw. The crime scene pastiche, featuring a UV light that shows up traces of semen, was particularly memorable.

Harry Venning, The Stage, 15th June 2007

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