Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor. Karen Taylor. Copyright: Avalon Television
Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor

Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Three
  • 2006 - 2008
  • 14 episodes (2 series)

Sketch show co-written by and starring Karen Taylor. Also features Anna Crilly, Jalaal Hartley, Lawry Lewin, Clare Warde, Kate Robbins and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Karen Taylor Various (Series 0-2)
Anna Crilly Ensemble Actor
Jalaal Hartley Ensemble Actor
Lawry Lewin Ensemble Actor (Series 0-2)
Clare Warde Ensemble Actor (Series 0-2)
Kate Robbins Ensemble Actor (Series 0-1)
Alice Connor Ensemble Actor
Souad Faress Ensemble Actor (Series 2)
Greg Nuby Ensemble Actor
Jamie Sweeney Ensemble Actor
Stephanie Whitehead Ensemble Actor
Dani Harmer Ensemble Actor (Series 1)
Writing team
Karen Taylor Writer (Series 0-2)
John Camm Writer
Kitty Flanagan Writer
Brenda Gilhooly Writer
George Jeffrie Writer
Lawry Lewin Writer
Will Maclean Writer
Anthony MacMurray (as Tony MacMurray) Writer
Karl Minns Writer
David Quantick Writer
John Roy Writer
Bert Tyler-Moore (as Bert Tyler Moore) Writer
Stephen Morrison (as Steve Morrison) Writer (Series 2)
Ali Crockatt Writer
David Scott Writer
David Quantick Script Editor
Production team
Ben Kellett Director
Richard Grocock Producer
Jon Thoday Executive Producer (Series 0-2)
Richard Allen-Turner Executive Producer (Series 0-2)
Carla McGilchrist Line Producer (Series 1)
Jo Hunter Line Producer (Series 2)
Richard Halladay Editor (Series 2)
Jon Blow Editor (Series 1)
Dennis De Groot Production Designer
Jamie Cairney Director of Photography (Series 1)
Marcia Stanton Costume Designer (Series 1)
Lucia Santa-Maria (as Lucia Santa Maria) Costume Designer (Series 2)
Debbie O'Brien Costume Designer (Series 2)
Martin Hawkins Director of Photography (Series 2)
Eva Marieges Moore Make-up Designer
Martin Hawkins Lighting Designer (Series 1)
Martin Kempton Lighting Designer (Series 2)
Adam Miller 1st Assistant Director (Series 1)
Julie Sykes 1st Assistant Director (Series 2)

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