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Series 1, Episode 1 - A Near Vimes Experience

The Watch. Sam Vimes (Richard Dormer)
Captain Sam Vimes' life in the City Watch is changed forever when an figure from his past returns to Ankh-Morpork. 20 years ago, Vimes watched his street brother and gang-leader Carcer Dun fall from a fatal height. Somehow, Carcer is back.

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Thursday 1st July 2021
BBC iPlayer
43 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Thursday 12th August 2021 9:00pm BBC2
Saturday 14th August 2021 1:25am BBC2

Cast & crew

Richard Dormer Sam Vimes
Marama Corlett Corporal Angua
Adam Hugill Constable Carrot
Jo Eaton-Kent Constable Cheery
Lara Rossi Lady Sybil Ramkin
Sam Adewunmi (as Samuel Adewunmi) Carcer Dun
Anna Chancellor Lord Vetinari
Bianca Simone Mannie (as Bianca Mannie) Wonse
Joe Vaz Urdo van Pew
Craig MacRae Death
Mark Hyland Goblin #1
Shane Kruger Goblin #2
Wendell Pierce Death (Voice)
Guest cast
Ruth Madeley Throat Dibbler
Hakeem Kae-Kazim Captain John Keel
Trevor Frost Young Sam Vimes
Jonathan Pienaar Sergeant Swires
Adrian Collins Zella Hong
David Smith Sparky the Imp
Shaun Verth Goblin #3
Anele Matoti Josiah Gaunt
Michael Everson Skully Maltoon
Ralph Ineson Sergeant Detritus (Voice)
Writing team
Simon Allen Writer
Ella Tayler Baron Script Editor
Terry Pratchett Original Characters
Production team
Craig Viveiros Director
Johann Knobel Producer
Hilary Salmon Executive Producer
Ben Donald Executive Producer
Rob Wilkins Executive Producer
Richard Stokes Executive Producer
Craig Viveiros Executive Producer
Simon Allen Executive Producer
Marisa Sonemann Turner Line Producer
Josh Mallalieu Editor
Simon Rogers Production Designer
Christa Schamberger Casting Director
Victor Jenkins Casting Director
Andy Brierley Casting Director
Colleen Kelsall Costume Designer
Dihantus Engelbrecht Costume Designer
Amanda Ross-McDonald Make-up Designer
Russ Davies Composer
Emlyn Nield Graphics
John Pardue Director of Photography
Simon Damast 1st Assistant Director
Tony Gibson Sound Designer


Is It Death?

Captain Sam Vimes comes face-to-face with Death.

Featuring: Richard Dormer (Sam Vimes) & Wendell Pierce (Death).

Raise Your Hands

Vimes meets Lady Sybill Ramkin - blazer of trails, wigs, and trench coats.

Featuring: Richard Dormer (Sam Vimes) & Lara Rossi (Lady Sybil Ramkin).


The Watch review: Pratchett fans will hate adaptation

Discworld fans will want to avoid this fantasy series like the plague, but for everyone else this is diverting steampunk schlock.

Ed Power, The Telegraph, 1st July 2021

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