The Upchat Line. Mike Upchat (John Alderton). Copyright: Thames Television.

The Upchat Line

ITV sitcom about a dreamer. 7 episodes (1 series) in 1977. Stars John Alderton.

Series 1

1. Pulling

First broadcast: Monday 26th September 1977

Mike attends a party and ends up spending the night with a magazine's features editor. And then her boyfriend. And husband. Or was it the milkman...?


2. Accommodation Address

First broadcast: Monday 3rd October 1977

Mike's attempts at keeping up appearances catch up with him when he runs out of excuses for stopping an old teacher dropping in to visit at his mansion block address. Luckily, a chance street encounter proves to be of use.


3. Casualty Ward

First broadcast: Monday 10th October 1977

After a potentially sticky situation at a private members' club, Mike ends up doing the rounds at a nearby hospital. Will he pull a nurse, or just confuse her terribly?


4. Albert's Benefit

First broadcast: Monday 17th October 1977

Mike's shocked to hear that a doorman is about to retire, 35 years under his belt, with not so much as a handshake from his employer, and resolves to do something about it.


5. The One That Got Away

First broadcast: Monday 24th October 1977

Charged with attempting to rob Peel Street Magistrates Court, Mike finds himself in front of a female who is not wholly disposed to his charms: the judge. He recounts a tale of window cleaners, sheep and orchestral picnics.


6. One Good Turn

First broadcast: Monday 31st October 1977

After befriending a girl in a library, Mike finds himself invited to meet her parents at the weekend - in disguise as the boyfriend she's just broken up with. Is he up to the challenge? And more to the point, is her ex-boyfriend?


7. Home Is The Hunter

First broadcast: Monday 7th November 1977

After following an attractive young woman into an empty house, Mike Upchat finds himself playing the part of interior designer.