The Rob Brydon Show. Rob Brydon. Copyright: Arbie
The Rob Brydon Show

The Rob Brydon Show

  • TV chat show
  • BBC Two
  • 2010 - 2012
  • 21 episodes (3 series)

Entertainment show fronted by Rob Brydon. Features stand-up from the host and a guest comedian. Stars Rob Brydon.

Press clippings

The Rob Brydon Show axed after three series

Comic Rob Brydon's chat show has been axed by BBC bosses after three years due to falling ratings.

Hannah Hope, The Mirror, 22nd June 2013

It is perhaps not the host's career priority, but BBC2's The Rob Brydon Show has quietly grown into one of TV's best chat shows. I particularly enjoyed his latest guest Prof Brian Cox's anecdote about Kate Moss approaching him at a party to ask about particle physics. Not the kind of particles Kate has been known to find out about at parties, of course.

Ian Hyland, Daily Mail, 22nd September 2012

Two regular features should be adopted forthwith by other chat shows. The first is getting the studio audience to chip in with questions. Tonight a fan asks popstar-turned-physicist Brian Cox the ticklish "Which are better - pop groupies or science groupies?" and gets an unequivocal answer.

Another innovation is, of course, Brydon's fondness for the loosely strung sing-song, led this week by Kelly Jones of Stereophonics on acoustic guitar as Brydon bellows through Pretty Woman - with help from Ray Winstone. But before that, there's Brydon's banter with his audience members, including a man literally born in a toilet: "I'm glad we've flushed you out..."

David Butcher, Radio Times, 18th September 2012

How Rob Brydon learnt to play nice

Rob Brydon was once as anxiety-ridden and drawn to darkness as the next comedian. Today, he's a light entertainment fixture and cheeriness personified. What went wrong?

John Preston, The Telegraph, 17th September 2012

Often the best bit of The Rob Brydon Show is his banter with the audience. Here he has fun with a mother and daughter who "show miniature horses". "Show them what?" wonders Brydon. "A good time?" There's a similar laidback feel to the sofa chat. Sir Tom Jones roars into the studio to tell us of his blues and gospel influences and how he was held at gunpoint on his first trip to the States. Deadly 60's Steve Backshall shows us a nasty bite on his leg and Emilia Fox, from Silent Witness, joins a read through of Brydon's new crime drama idea, CSI: Cardiff.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 11th September 2012

Rob Brydon needs no excuse to break into song, which he engineers tonight by inviting fellow Welshman Tom Jones onto his chat show. Thrusting a guitar into Sir Tom's hands, Brydon joins him in a rousing version of Elvis's A Mess of Blues. Interviews with actress Emilia Fox and wildlife expert Steve Backshall make up the rest of the half hour.

Vicki Power, The Telegraph, 10th September 2012

Before the arrival of his guests tonight, the affable Welsh comic warms up his audience with his usual display of sharp wit and natural charm. Apart from some mischievous exchanges with his studio audience, including a mock-earnest argument with several of its members, there is little that differentiates this show's format from rival entertainment programmes. But the amusing, fast-paced interplay between this evening's chosen guests - Ronan Keating, Jason Manford and Neil Morrissey - proves engaging. The incorporation of live music is a fail-safe formula, although whether Brydon's singing voice adds much magic to the blend is debatable.

The Telegraph, 4th September 2012

The beauty of Rob Brydon as a chat show host is that without seemingly trying too hard or forcing the pace he manages to put a smile on your face. And boy, can he play a crowd. Even before his guests have arrived tonight, he picks a comedy argument with a woman in the audience who is in a wheelchair, and it comes across as sharp, good-natured - and very funny.

Then the revolving bookcase delivers Ronan Keating, Jason Manford and Neil Morrissey by turns, and once they're all on the leather sofa the chemistry works a treat. Plus, of course, everybody gets to sing.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 4th September 2012

Another half hour of frothy fun with the inimitable Mr Rob Brydon, comprising a naughty natter with South Shields comedian Sarah Millican, who talks about her rise to stardom having only attended a comedy club for the first time aged 29. There's also a lesson in elegance with cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry, and a romantic gesture from musician Newton Faulkner.

Gerard O'Donovan, The Telegraph, 27th August 2012

The Rob Brydon Show review - Episode 3.2

I haven't any real qualms about The Rob Brydon Show this week - I never do, to be honest. It's a nice little show, and I think I speak on the behalf of everyone when I say that I don't miss the stand-up section.

UK TV Reviewer, 22nd August 2012

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