The Ranganation. Romesh Ranganathan. Copyright: Zeppotron
The Ranganation

The Ranganation

  • TV comedy
  • BBC Two
  • 2019 - 2022
  • 30 episodes (5 series)

Topical comedy hosted by Romesh Ranganathan. Also features Shanthi Ranganathan.

Video clips

What's the correct way to eat a chocolate digestive?

The panel discuss the best wait to eat the chocolatey biscuit.

Series 3 Trailer

Romesh Ranganathan calls his mum to let her know his show is coming back for a third series.

Failed attempts to 'date night' during lockdown

Romesh asks Danny Dyer and Katherine Ryan whether date night is a thing in their households.

Trying to answer stupid job interview questions

A recent study suggests brain teasers in interviews are signs of a narcissistic and sadistic boss. How would The Ranganation fair with these questions?

Adults with soft toys

1 in 3 British adults still sleeps with a soft toy. Romesh grills The Ranganation to find out who still sleeps with a soft toy.

Do you believe in UFOs?

What do the panel think about UFOs?

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