The Persuasionists. Image shows from L to R: Billy Hitchens (Iain Lee), Emma (Daisy Haggard), Clive Johnson (Jarred Christmas), Greg Bannister (Adam Buxton), Keaton (Simon Farnaby). Copyright: Bwark Productions
The Persuasionists

The Persuasionists

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two / BBC Three
  • 2007 - 2010
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

Sitcom about the flaky, shaky, fakey 'creatives' who work in the advertising industry, trying to persuade you to buy things you don't want. Stars Adam Buxton, Simon Farnaby, Iain Lee, Jarred Christmas and Daisy Haggard

Character guide

The Persuasionists. Greg Bannister (Adam Buxton). Copyright: Bwark Productions

Greg Bannister

Played by: Adam Buxton

Eager and timid Greg is a client manager at the advertising agency. It's his job to sell the ideas dreamt up by people like Billy to scary clients like Cockney Jim.

One thing you could definitely call Greg is 'enthusiastic' - in fact, enthusiasm pops out of every pour in his body. The problem is, Greg is also honest - which is not such a good character trait for someone working in the world of advertising. Greg is desperately aspiring to be as ambitious and amoral as his colleagues, but is faltering due to his honesty and innocence.

Greg's inability to stand-up for himself means he's a bit of a target in the office - Clive regularly calls him into his office to bellow at him, or exact some physical pain.

The Persuasionists. Keaton (Simon Farnaby). Copyright: Bwark Productions


Played by: Simon Farnaby

Keaton, a foreigner in the office, is 'Head of Global' at HHH+H, although what that job entails even he probably doesn't know - the nutjob seems to spend all his time walking around the office with crazy props, seducing all the female employees, rather than doing anything like work.

In fact, Keaton is a real woman magnet. In his own words: "I'm getting so much chick, I think I've reached chick tipping point. I don't have to even chat them up any more, the ladies feel they just have to get off with me, because that's what ladies do. Like a life stage on the road to womanhood".

The Persuasionists. Billy Hitchens (Iain Lee). Copyright: Bwark Productions

Billy Hitchens

Played by: Iain Lee

Billy is the advert writer and creative one at the agency. He's reasonably talented, but quite lazy. For example, if a slogan isn't working, rather than come up a better one, he'll just try changing the font and add more exclamation marks to the end.

The intelligent underachiever indulges in his role as the office menace whenever he can - he seems to particularly enjoy winding up Emma and Greg. Billy is also rather good at being sarcastic.

The Persuasionists. Clive Johnson (Jarred Christmas). Copyright: Bwark Productions

Clive Johnson

Played by: Jarred Christmas

Clive is the boss. The first thing that will probably strike you about Clive is that he is quite noticeably Australian - it's probably the accent that is the big giveaway.

Clive exults in his position as the resplendently ridiculous manager. He's quite happy to shout, throw things, bellow and fire people to make sure the agency delivers.

The Persuasionists. Emma (Daisy Haggard). Copyright: Bwark Productions


Played by: Daisy Haggard

Slightly-posh Emma is the spoiled neurotic in the office who embellishes in her self-involved delusional world.

She's really not very popular - in fact the nicest things people seem to be able to find to say about her is that she is a liar, vindictive, snotty, walks around like she owns the place, and is very rude indeed - so not great endorsements really!

Emma doesn't seem to be very good at her job either - in fact, HHH+H would almost certainly be better off without her yet for some reason she seems to always manage to avoid being fired by Clive.

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