The Kumars. Image shows from L to R: Ashwin (Vincent Ebrahim), Ummi (Meera Syal), Sanjeev (Sanjeev Bhaskar)
The Kumars

The Kumars

  • TV chat show
  • Sky One
  • 2014
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

The Kumars return to the chat show format via Sky TV. However, due to the recession they are now living in a smaller flat. Stars Sanjeev Bhaskar, Meera Syal, Vincent Ebrahim and Harvey Virdi.

The Kumars trivia

Sanjeev Bhaskar has said the inspiration behind the series came from an embarrassing experience when a girlfriend met his parents and they asked her lots of awkward questions. This got him thinking about how they would react if he invited a famous person home.

There is no prior rehearsal with the guests. Sanjeev Bhaskar explains that "the best guests are the ones who keep the ball in the air."

Meera Syal's (Ummi's) makeup takes 90 minutes to apply and involves latex being blowdried onto her face.

Most of the pictures dotted around the set are either real pictures of the cast when they were younger or pictures of real relatives.

Meera Syal plays netball once a week with a North London team and, during filming, frequently had to get up "horribly early" on a Saturday morning after a Friday night Kumars recording to play matches "in the freeeezzzzing cold".

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