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The Jonathan Ross Show

The Jonathan Ross Show

  • TV chat show
  • ITV1
  • 2011 - 2024
  • 235 episodes (21 series)

Prime-time ITV chat show hosted by Jonathan Ross, featuring light-hearted interviews with A-list talent.

Video clips

Laura Smyth disciplined by headmaster for teacher joke

That time Laura Smyth got pulled into the headmaster's office...

Sindhu Vee predicted the WhatsApp crash

Sindhu Vee explains why she was so sure about the Whatsapp crash and how she could predict it.

Sara Pascoe's Mum vs Baby Spice

Sara Pascoe's last appearance on the show stirred some real beef between her mum and... Baby Spice?

Hans On The Buzzer

Can the guests guess correctly which movie matches the music Hans Zimmer plays live in the studio?

How Hans Zimmer inspired Interstellar storyline

Hans Zimmer explains how he turned an intimate bonding story into a masterpiece.

Lewis Capaldi talks about Tourette's

Lewis Capaldi talks about his recent diagnosis of Tourette's and why this was such a relief for him.

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