Imran Yusuf
The Imran Yusuf Show

The Imran Yusuf Show

  • TV stand-up that was never made
  • BBC Three
  • 2012

A BBC Three Feed My Funny Exclusives pilot in which Imran Yusuf presents a mix of stand-up and sketches.

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BBC Three

A mix of stand-up and sketches starring Imran Yusuf.

"With appearances on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow and an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination to his name, Imran now brings his unique views on life, dating and people talking in the cinema to life in his very own comedy special."

Written & Performed by Imran Yusuf, with Jenny Bede, Phil Cornwell, Richard Gadd, Paul Gannon, Leila Hoffman, Shelley Longworth, Caroline McQueen, Jeff Mirza and Jason Patterson.

Additional material written by Tim Allsop and Stewart Williams, Emma Millions and Nico Tatarowicz, with Nico Tatarowicz as Script Editor.

Edited by Nicholas Berry and Robin Parsons. Iain McDonald as Production Designer. Executive Produced by Gary Reich and Arabella McGuigan for Brown Eyed Boy and Kristian Smith for the BBC.

Directed by Matt Holt and produced by Richard Webb.

Not commissioned for TV, but the episode is available on iPlayer from July 2012 as part of Feed My Funny Exclusives

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