The History Of The World Backwards

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Four
  • 2007
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Mockumentary sketch series by Robert Newman set in a world where time flows forwards, but history flows backwards. Stars Rob Newman, Jim Howick, Anton Lesser, Lucy Liemann, Richard McCabe and more.

Press clippings

Rob Newman - Blast from the past

After a 14-year absence, comedian Rob Newman returns to our screens with The History of the World Backwards. What took him so long, asks Leo Benedictus.

Leo Benedictus, The Guardian, 29th October 2007

Review: The History of the World Backwards

Here, we are relying largely on Newman alone and he ends up being bogged down into too many sketches that fail to go anywhere and stretch far too long. A crying shame.

Brian Donaldson, The List, 18th October 2007

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